Types of Womens Wallets in 2019

A wallet is sometimes the most ignored part of women’s accessories but no matter how classy your handbag is, having a trendy wallet is equally essential. Your wallets are not just going to hold your cards, currency or coins, they complement your fashion sense every time you take it out! We give you a list of must have women wallets from iconic fashion brands that have revolutionized the global fashion industry.
Whether you are looking for a compact wallet that you can slide into your pocket or a one large enough to hold all your valuables, find the perfect one for you!

Clutch Wallet

A clutch is a strapless woman’s purse used to carry money and small personal items. Clutches come in different shapes and sizes and can be handheld or used as a mini bag organizer. Clutches can be used for everyday use but are usually carried as an accessory for special occasions.

Travel Wallets

Just like how anybody can be a traveller, anybody can own a travel wallet. These wallets offer enough space for you to store your passport, plane ticket, boarding pass, currencies, cards, etc all in one place. Some even hold 2-3 passports making for a fun and easy travel

Continental Wallet

The continental wallet, or more commonly known as a long or large wallet, are elongated wallets best suited to store your chequebooks, unfolded bills, even your passports, etc. These wallets are extremely versatile and can be used as an alternative to a travel wallet as well.